Sunday, June 19, 2005

Here's To Good Friends, Tonight Is Kinda Special...

Post Show.
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Here's to friends who are adorable, and come out and see your shows when they are able.

One such friend is Quinton, who is shown here with me after an abysmal class show we were in together at the awful but conveniently located Triple Crown. Quinton, as promised, came out and caught the show last night, and provided lots of guffaws and claps. There is no substitute for your friends being there in the audience for you.

Now not only did Quinton come out to the show, but he brought 2 drunk people he met at a bar along. My hat is off the Quinton Loder, folks.

He is but one of many, and they all deserve to be lauded for their support of Sara & I. On a special note, as he is also a performer, it means that much more because I have paid to see him onstage in the recent past, and his returning the favor is honor among thieves. It amazes me how often this seems to escape other people, but I guess I was just raised with what the French call "manners".

I have to say, I love all of you who've come out or helped us in ANY way with this project. You're helping me to do what it is I've always wanted to, and making me the happiest I've ever been. My sincere love to you. Porter & Oliver, for coming to see the show again, all our film crew and cast, all our design helpers, Matt for being in the show and editing the significant amounts of footage like a pro, and Anne for putting up with us and pushing the switches up and down.

Side note: no, I am NOT still drunk off of my own 100% proof jello shots. Jerk.

PS: April, I hope Emma is OK! We missed you!


Liam said...

He's a true friend.

Brandy For Sale. said...

He's single, Liam. Do you want me to hook you up?