Monday, June 20, 2005

Dumb Things I Do, Part One Trillion.

Take Two
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I don't get excited when I see people I know/am vaguely aquainted with on TV anymore. It's sort of a given based on the way things work in New York right now that I can't put on some basic cable channel without recognizing the talking head making a fey swipe at Lindsay Lohan's CG knocker-dimisnishing in the oh, so timely "Herbie" re-make. But last night, as I sat on the couch inhaling the last box of Samoas from the freezer, I flipped the channel to see none other than my dearest Matthew! And I got so excited, seriosuly, like a wiggling squeaking puppy. SO I had to call him and tell him, "You're on the TV!!!!" and he laughed and said that that must get re-run a lot. It's not like I didn't see him the first time the show was on- I did- but still, I got all aflutter. He's a good person. He said my deranged behavior (my words not his) was his residual.

So if you're looking for a video editor extordiannaiore who happens to be a kick ass actor to boot, look no further than Matthew Weiss, handsome token male co-star of "CALENDARIZE!". And, to me at least, a bona fide celebrity.

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