Monday, June 06, 2005

There's no crying in baseball.

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I am so exhausted still from Saturday's show. Don't have anything to write about right now, sorry. Oh, I guess I could write about John and I. Maybe I could write about how many pigs in a blanket I ate yesterday while watching the "Zoo Animals on Wheels" episode of Get A Life? Or about how 4 hours prior to the show Sara found a pubic hair in her taco at Taco Bell on 14th and managed not to vomit, but instead powered through after getting her money back? Or about the hastily enacted "No Crying/No Vomiting" pact we forged (which was then broken when Anne & Sara started crying simueltaneously at the afore-mentioned Taco Bell)? Of course, I'd be lax to not mention my bursting into tears at the ruined tech rehersal earlier that afternoon at the PIT; this was caused by exhaustion and by having a cat vomit on me.

I guess there is stuff to write about. Maybe later, now to eat leftover pigs in blankets a-plenty.


2na said...

great show Sat nite!!

Brandy For Sale. said...

You're the best. You, and your Porter Mason pants!