Friday, June 10, 2005

Step Off, I'm Doin' The Hump.

I could not agree with Sara more on this one. I will point at you and laugh on the L train. And then I'll cunt punch your dumb ass.


saraisloco said...

You punch the cunt and I'll steal their Ipod filled with mostly Britney, Mandy, and Christina because they are POSERS!!

(yes it's true...I also have Britney, Mandy, and Christina - but at least I don't pretend it's the Pixies when I'm secretly listening to "Boys" (the re-mix))

Brandy For Sale. said...

Some dumb-ass was wearing those knitted knee high boots this morning when I walked into the lobby of my temp job. You know, those glorified socks. It's 90 fucking degrees today- what the fuck are people thinking?! TAKE THOSE OFF YOU DUMB BITCH!