Monday, February 07, 2005

Punishment Lunch.

A bottle of apple juice and 3 caramel rice cakes. I went to Target under the auspices of getting a lint roller.

Here is what I returned with:
set of stainless steel measuring cups (my plastic ones are shot)
pizza blade
salad spinner
gold sandals
cream round toe pumps
.99 wastebasket for under my desk at work because the one I have does not fit and I keep kicking it and it drives me bonkers to not have enough leg room
lint brush
peppermint gum
Burt's Bees Lip Balm

Things I did not buy:
age defying foundation (I felt sad and annoyed that I even considered this)
giraffe print bathing suit
fitted denim blazer
teal fishnet socks
new collar for Nigel
raffia door mat (on sale, but quite bulky)
Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
jeweled kitten heel leather slides (very 1950's cocktail party but were just a tad bit on the small side for my fat foot)
In Touch/Us Magazines

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