Monday, February 07, 2005

"Such A Lot Of Fuss Over A Few Extra Sssssss!"

1) I started singing "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" in the shower. Later that day I went into the Rite Aid. As I walked by the security guard he belched loudly. While I was trying to decide if I was insulted or just sad for him, "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" came on the in-store music. I lingered a bit longer while selecting my various candies to scarf during my weak points over the weekend.

2) I had a neighborhood adventure on Sunday afternoon. It was the first time since the break up that I did so. It was OK. Not as weird as I thought it would be. Since I moved to and got to know my neighborhood during the early phases of the now-defunct relationship, so much of the charming shops and streets are tied up in that inital memeory of infatuation and sweetness and long new couple strolls. Although, to be truthful there are also the lingering memories of the constant bitter bickering that accompanied trips to the comic book store for purchases of Maakies and visits to the Design Within Reach to furnish the apartment that I pretended was to be for both of us but was actually for either or us on our own not as a couple, which neither wanted to admit aloud. So my solo flight was balanced out and I didn't feel weepy or sentimental. More like, aware but not sad. I bought a set of wine glasses and some surplus US Airways china from the newly opened Fishs Eddy. I exchanged some books and got some new ones I wanted, including Down and Dirty Pictures and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The books that I offered for buyback which were passed on by the store, I left neatly in their bag on the corner for someone who might like them. I went to the amazing produce market on Atlantic and got lots of gorgeous veggies. And then I went to buy a bottle of wine. After making the round trip from Smith to Montague back to Smith, I felt like I did something instead of sitting on my ass and thinking about doing something. This paragraph sounds lame but it was an incredibly pleasureable experience.

3) When I was in the supermarket prior to SuperBowl insanity, "I'm Not In Love" by 10cc was playing. Again, I lingered and sang absentmindedly to myself while holding a Bobili Thin Crust Pizza.

4) I made the pizza but put too much chopped garlic on it and it was too hard to eat because it was garlic overload. So I pouted. Then I ate an entire sliced cucumber.

5) I watched Puppy Bowl 2005. It was amazing. Everyone wins at the Puppy Bowl. I suggest voting for Bandit for MVP. Althogh, Roxi was also pretty damned adorable. And Itsy. Tough choices.

6) I watched some best of Season One of Kids in the Hall, and was delighted by the DVD audio commentary. I am a fan of the audio commentary always, it feels like you're getting some secrets about writing when you listen to it. Also you can suss out a lot of the interpersonal stuff. It's akin to spying and getting gossip. I want to watch the tour documentary now. Video Free Brooklyn did not have it. I guess kung fu movies are more important to have in stock than comedy documentaries. I think the short, cute video clerk asked me out. Since I had not showered or for that matter brushed my teeth in 24 hours I felt pretty goddmaned proud of myself.

7) Problem Child II was on and I hope Sara got to see it too.

8) My supervisor at work is adorable. She is Philipina and her English is excellent, but I like to hear her inflections because these sort of give her away. One thing she does is say, "Okay?" quite a bit. She does this as a verbal listener meaning she says it to indicate she is listening as you talk and therefore interjects it frequently into your sentences for you. When she says it I decided she sounds like Pepe' the Shrimp from The Muppets. It took me a while to pinpoint that and it was driving me crazy but now that I have it makes it easier to hear it all the time.

9) I have been staring lustily at Work Crush 2005 in a bold and ribald manner. Maybe I will invade his personal space at the event this week, and/or kick him under the table. I like to give myself sexual harassment assignments to pass the time.

10) I am OCD in some ways. For example, I always have to pick up menus from restaurants when they have them and read them. Even if it's for a bagel place. For example, when I went to get coffee this morning I had to grab the take away menu back to my desk and read it. Even though it's for a standard deli with standard deli fare. If there are menus out for grabbing off a sandwixch board on the sidewalk or hung from a doorway I must take them and peruse them, even if it's in a neighborhood I am just visiting. Compulsion.

AURAS: None in a long while
MUSIC: Everybody's Changing, Keane
CAFFIENE CONSUMED: 1 cup of coffee. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper in a bottle (the only time I'll tolerate bottles) to be sought out and slurped down later.
CHCOCLATE: none because the fucking vending machine ate my dollar and I have to call for a refund.

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Porter Mason said...

See, you're not really OCD though. Until you start washing your hands so much that they crack and scab, you're probably not really OCD. You're just quirky and kooky, like a good Bococanite should be.