Thursday, April 27, 2006

All Those Rumors She Hear About Were True.

So much fun helping out Mister Kukoda. Great comics all around-special shout outs to Jessie Delfino's magical pussy, Trophy Dad's delightful videos (the commerical about a razor made specially for alcoholics was top notch), and Kurt & Kristen, hosts of HOT TUB at the PIT. Plus, sister got her hair did. All in all, an enchanted evening.


Giulia said...

I love that I didn't even go to the show yet these pics makes it seem as though I am supportive to the acutal cause and not just beer.

You look hot my friend, H-O-T!

anne altman said...

but you were a supportive conversationalist giulia, AND you bought pizza! i have a grey bush (in flickr)

from now on i will buy all my prom shoes at strawberry, brandy

Brandy For Sale. said...

Altman! I loved when you kept screaming shit all night.