Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Return Of The Mack.

I don't really know WHEN things went rapidly out of control. I know only that they did. Ooooh, and I like it, El DeBarge.

It was pouring rain, and Angela and I were inexplicably drinking a second Hoegarden each at Bar Tabac. Since I am now apparently on the "anorexic sorority dipshit diet", this was of course poured over a nice crispy bed of Bar-B-Que Soy Crisps, which have the alcohol absorption properties of a fucking Tupperware colander. I had my pink duck umbrella, Angela had her Paul Frank kids' umbrella, and then we were in a cab and on the bridge and out front of the Knitting Factory, smoking with Annie and Giulia. There were more Hoegardens, we saw a band. There was another band viewing and Angela and I flirted outrageously with them because the lead singer and guitarist were hot twins. At least we thought they were. Then, we went upstairs and instead of going to an afterparty for the first band, Angela and I heard some rapping. This seemed fun, and that was how we then crashed an indie hip hop showcase, where we referred to as "shorties" and "honeys". I greatly enjoyed this. There was the High Life in bottles, my nostalgic favorite, and dancing and lots of hot angry rapper boys. Then Giulia and I were at the concert afterparty, getting CDs and interviewing rappers. There was a trip to the deli where I bought Sour Cream Soy Crisps- what?- and then we went back and had a long discussion that I don't remember but I do know, it was great. And then there was a cab, and an Amy's Frozen Pizza which ultimately failed because we were too wrecked to work the oven. And then I went to bed with a huge smile on my face. Well, first I tripped over the pile of laundry in my room, swore bitterly, fought off the spins, and made a list of all the things in my life I'm grateful for.

I haven't looked at the list. I don't remember what I wrote. But I bet it's a doozy. I'm saving that for later.

I really like the way rabbit's noses twitch.


2na said...

If I did not have work I would have hung out later. After party, rapper's delight! DAMMMN yo, sounds fun! I love the pic of G and I. I hear if you kiss Altuna you are made!

I like your umbrella Angela... I want to do things to you with that umbrella Angela.. Oh God, Brandy ruuun!

Brandy For Sale. said...

I liked that he actually WAGGLED his eyebrows at you! Like the classic caricature of a child molester!

"Is that a child's umbrella?"


"MMmmm, I like it."

saraisloco said...

you hos. Who the fuck goes out when Allocco isn't in TOWN? Oh wait everyone apparently.

Giggle & Guffaw said...

I like rabbit's noses, too.

I finally remembered that I have an old Blogger account w/ M that I can comment in your blog with... and all this time I was wishing I could say stuff...

Getting too many spam hits?

2na said...

the only thing missing from the night was allocco... lets just be honest.