Monday, April 17, 2006

I Enjoy Being A Gaunt.

Pictures are for funs and for friendships. Hip hip hoo-rah to that.

I went to a fabulous birthday party for Ms. Carla Rhodes, who is my red-headed doppelganger (if you are John F. O'Donnell, click HERE to learn what this big boy word means). It was full of stuffed birds, tambourines, fashion stylings, BBC programming gems, daisies, Morcheeba, late night car rides over the Brooklyn Bridge, and booze. All good things. I haven't had that much fun at a party in a while. Plus I got to hang out with Canadian sensation Aubrey Tennant. What a dreamboat. Carla dressed him up all pretty like and I think he looks like much more attractive version of Rick Ocasek, he of the Cars, but not of the New Cars.

Sunday I was loathe to leave Brooklyn, although I wished I could get my shit together and do so. Instead I kept it 718 (OK seriousl ynow someone punch me in the fucking face for that one, I'm begging for it) and took neighborhood snaps and had a meeting of the Brooklyn Lonelyhearts Club, sans Ang.

I'm going through a wierd phase where I keep touching my own boobs a lot. Can't tell you why, just keep doing it. Thought I'd point it out in case you guys saw me do it and thought I wasn't aware of what I was up to.

I think I need a catchphrase. I thought of a brilliant one today on the way the the powder room, but was distracted by a very faulty tampon sitch and, poof, lost my newly minted genius statement. I'll get to work on it, though. Please feel free to contribute if you have some ideas. Extra points for use of offensive yet slightly arcane language.

I still like eating. I just take less bites. I am on the half of a half diet.


Frances said...

You should probably incorporate the word "merkin."

matt said...

You do need a catch-phrase. I'm gonna think long and hard about this one.

April said...

hey is that guy dave grohl or the dude from they might be giants?

2na said...

brooklyn lonely hearts club -- can i be the treasurer or what?