Sunday, April 30, 2006

MCs Look Me In The Face And Their Eyes Get Weak.

Hats off to our Angela, who acted as cruise director for Brooklyn Friendships Dance Party Staurday nite. I highly recommend you hightail it to Black Betty for EPMD, Audio Two, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam With Full Force, and some Biggie Smalls. I could not have been happier to prance my drunk ass all about the place swilling the Champagne of Beers out of the bottle (HEAVEN) while they played "A Rollerskating Jam Named 'Saturdays'". Too good to be true- and yet, it was. IT WAS!!!

Later we staggered to Kellog's, then left and staggered over to Bedford for spinach rolls, lasagna pizza, and lots of angry striped tight entitlement. And who should we see but the fantastic Desiree Burch, host of SMUT! and all around sassafrass. She came into the pizza place and screamed, "THE BUS IS COMING!!!" then ran out. What. Has to be my favorite cameo to date. I fucking love Brooklyn.

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