Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rent Party.

Clockwise from the top: John Francis smokes Camels; Jesse & Vince are about to be lured to Welcome to the Johnson's by promises of NYU trim; Aubrey gets a time out; Brandy & Sara scream it out; Prodicer and all around champ Jon Friedman; O'Donnell can't keep his hands off the merch and Stokes is horrified about it.

The Rent Party benefit for Peter & Kim was a hoot and a holler. I was hammered on watery beer by 8 pm, and that is always a good thing. Jon Friedman is always a delight to behold, and there were stellar performances from the ever-charming Lang Fisher, Cassidy Henehan, and Peter Kassonove himself. Love to Kukoda, Bailey-Yavonditte and Stokes for coming out to show love & support. Later, the world famous John F. O'Donnell dropped by and with him brought a cavalcade of hangout fun. There were many trips to the bathroom to drink illegitimately, because I am classless and broke. I forced Aubrey to discuss Mr. Show loudly directly following a comedy show- what a goddamned nerd I am. Then we headed off to Welcome to the Johnson's and closed it down. So many cans of PBR. So, so many cans.

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Lianne Stokes said...

Why am I spacing out staring at John F. trying to boff Sara Jo? Look at that expression! How pretty I look drunk! I don't remember this moment but it's no small wonder I'm alone.