Thursday, April 27, 2006

Last Minute Plug- SWEET Tonight!

Sponsored by the producers of the new documentary The World's Best Prom, tonight's SWEET will also feature a cameo appearacne by myself and my comedy muse, Sara Allocco. We shall be competing to win a prom date with the fiesty scamp Seth Herzog. And you should be there to cheer one of us on. There will be bleeding and not from the vags this time, butt-lick. Plus you could totally look at David Wain and stuff. If you have any taste and appreciate The State, is all. WHATEVER, JUST DROP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seth Herzog hosts
SWEET @ The Slipper Room
167 Orchard St. @ Stanton
8:30 pm $5
plus, we two in the prom attire below (again this week- can it, already)

1 comment:

2na said...

LOVE = Ladies rock the night (as I have seen tagged up all ove brooklyn)

YOU TWO looked hot so creepy grandpa had to come out and grab Barber up!

So Barbara... what nice hair you have (in the creepy voice)