Friday, April 28, 2006

A Grave Error In [Panty] Judgement.

Sweet was the bestest. Although I spazzed out in all the hustle and bustle of re-hauling out my silly prom dress for another run, and in so doing, forgot my contacts, which sucked a d because I couldn't very well wear my glasses with my glasses with the whole look I was going for. I'd have looked like an unholy cross between Gilda Radner as Lisa Loopner & Lisa Loeb. Yikes. So the whole night, I was squinting around the bar with my rooster-ed up bangs and cat eye liner. I managed to ignore my friend Nathan for a good while- thankfully, he came up and said hello. Trying to explain that you don't have your contacts and can't really wear your glasses and are basically blind without them unless someone is a foot away sounds so, so lame. That's actually how I knew I had to get glasses my freshman year of college- I kept blowing past people at school and then getting angry phone calls about it. That and the fact that I couldn't even read the exit signs in the 405 or the 5 and tended to end up in Compton a lot. I digress. He was gracious, and I was somewhat drunk. Perhaps this aided and abetted the blurriness.

Anyway, what a tremendously fun show. Sara ended up winning the prom comptetiton- I was out early, because I took one for the team. You had to be there. There was karaoke, a dance off, and hard boiled eggs. All good things. Anne Carr did a character that made me cry because I was laughing so hard as the Twinkeis being spat out, and Todd Barry was amazing as always. Tom Shillue told a kind of pedophile prom date story ( he was in his 20s she was still in HS), but he's so charming you can't help but want to hug him no matter what. I am a huge fan of anyone who puts a Bionic Woman/Man reference into a set- he has my heart. Plus, the footage from The World's Best Prom was so creepy and fascinating- a must see. And Seth's Mom did a dance, which really, if you missed, you should be ashamed of yourself. Later there was dancing and it was awsss. I accused Sara of requesting Toto instead of Fascination by the Human League, but DJ David Wain played both so it was OK. Everybody wins. Angela grabbed my boobs, Anne hemmed her own prom dress onstage, and there was a lot of high kicking. It was a fuckload better than my actual prom, which ended with perfunctory sex with my long-time boyfriend (who did not dance once that entire night) and me being in bed by midnight, stone cold Steve Austin sober. I didn't drink back then. How very sad.

I was going for punky-prom-debutante, but instead it turned into "Babette The French Whore".

Sara is interviewed by Kira, Seth's Mom.

Gregory, Ang, and Sara, who has just belched atrociously.

Anne & Sara in a prom altercation.

Ms. Anya, Ms. Marianne, Allocco and Barber, whose bangs are no longer in the Rooster despite copious amounts of hairspray. Dancing all raw to "Young Turks" by Rod Stewart does that to hair.


2na said...

Sara burp smelt hotdogish...
I love you ladies! Dance party after - check. Seth's mom is funny -- check check

anne altman said...

four-eyes, you spectacular in spectacles

Brandy For Sale. said...

Here is my transcript of me last night: