Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cinco De Mayo, By Liz Phair.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: Ang & Sara like comedy nerds; I can feel Anya's bosoms!; Ang is a very special lady, and a very exciting girl (lucky Greg); Brandy & Sara planning the downfall of those seriously in need of a fixing (please note my green flip flops); I so do not approve of green soccer shorts; the most crushed upon Canadian ever, Aubrey & lovely Marianne.

A very funny, certifiably manic-depressive suicidal alcoholic boy I was in love with once used to make fun of my beloved Liz Phair CD and sing atonally along to that song: "Cinco De Mayo, is the fifth of May in Spanish..." then turn off the car stereo and threaten to throw it out onto the 405. Just a fond memory. But you guys, he was so much fun! Especially when he was drunk, he said the nicest things! (sigh) Isn't it dreamy when boys smell like Maker's and wrist sutures and evil?

There should be so many more pictures from Friday. But I showed up already plastered off a bottle of wine and proceeded to trash it up with lots and lots of shitty beer. I mean, really. The night felt like it was 10 minutes long, but I don't think we left until 3 so...I don't know what to tell you. When I'm too drunk to take endless glamour shots of my fat ass, you know I'm blotto. Anyway after some discussion with Allocco, I have compiled a list of what I wish I had photographed, and here it is:

-Sara and I shotgunning Coors Lite in the mens' bathroom, laughing about the last time we were in there together and the unfortunate consequences
-Livia Scott and her lovely red skirt
-The busted strawberry pinata on Jack Kukoda's head
-Sara dancing with Oren
-me wearing Nathan's red hat
-Aubrey in my white sunglasses
-Ang in my white sunglasses
-Sara in my white sunglasses
-Brian spinning the pinata
-Herzog on the mic
-the dance contest
-Anya & Marianne
- Fink's sexy top
-Katie & Negid
-Gregory dancing
-adorable Brendan's white Birkenstocks
-me screaming out trivia answers about 70's music drunkenly and unnecessarily
-Sara and I harmonizing for NO REASON during a break in the music
-Sara and I screaming at some perverts who unwisely tried to catcall us at an outdoor cafe as we went to the deli to buy-that's right- Coors Light cans
-Kukoda scurrying away after pinching Allocco's ass
-Allocco grinding on mens
-Ang putting the Staten Island on the pinata
-me pawing the very polite, very taken Aubrey on the dance floor
-me thinking I was busting a move but most likely stumbling drunk into anyone unfortunate enough to be near me

There was a pinata, DJ Craig Baldo played "Magic" by Pilot, I danced inappropriately with so may hot hot boys, there was make out on the dancefloor. I kept either trying to pull Sara's dress up or down, alternately. I guess there were pinatas and a whole spectacle with trivia and the like, but Sara and I heckled party host Seth at that point because we couldn't be bothered to stop the dancing. I shared my ridiculous oversized white sunglasses with all- Angela saw some kid we didn't even know with them on and screamed at him and took them away- I guess he said they were on the floor? WHAT. Speaking of my Tuna: she as usual had my back and all I know is, I wouldn't stand close to her when she's blindfolded and holding a stick. I love that Allocco and I kind of decided it was our party, too (WHAT?!?) and called everyone and insisted they show up. Love Boat Cruise Directors? We bring the magic, people. We bring the DANCE MAGIC. All in all it was a fucking awwwsss night and I had so much delight in it, and I wish I remembered more of it. Because it was grand. Oh, well.

R.I.P. Kelly green Havainas flip flops. You served me well.

Open invitation to all in attendance: If you can think of a photo I should have, but did not due to shit-facedness, take- please feel free to post it in the comments section. Hell, even if you weren't there feel free to chime in.


2na said...

great recap barbs -- well if it is at Tai it sorta is outr party? Also, when I have nothing to do on weekend nights I may just start crashing parties there because they are FUN

saraisloco said...

I'd have to agree that at one point when we were dancing in a group I sort of decided who I wanted ot hang out that night, was alreayd danicng wiht me so I didn't care about anyone else. Oh tai lounge - you have served us well and will once again before your closing.

Barbs - awesome recap. I am just putting a link to this on my blog b/c you captured everything.

loving you.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Please feel free to add any photos I should have, but was too drunk to, take.

Sara there's a special one you know I'm thinking of.

"Jesus, get a hold of yourself!"

anne altman said...

bitches, you had too many margaritas cause i was there! i was topless. and bottomless. but i did have me a cerveza and a sombrero so i was lost in the sauce. yes, yes, i missed yous gals.

but it wasn't Cinco de Mayo for me, it was Passover.
I was passed-over for a job. funny, for a job i'm already doing. hmmmm. self esteem< where art thou?