Monday, May 22, 2006

Keep On Keep Keepin' It On.

Patrick & Bri getting in costume; Jerry & Bri dance it up for Anya; Sara gets dripped on in her role as ice cream carton floater; the world's creepiest ice cream man.

Some pictures from our video shoot a week or so ago. Sara and I are so excited about our NEW upcoming monthly variety show, we cannot tell you. The video we made will be included at the very end, in a big karaoke blow out. You don't want to miss this, trust me. SAVE THE DATE!

Brandy & Sara in
The Kissing Booth
June 9th, 8 pm
The Tank
279 Church b/t Franklin & White

Pucker up for comedy.

featuring a karaoke duet complete with authentic video chock full of appearances by:

The fantastic Brianne Halverson & Michael Terry from Party Central USA
The irreplaceable Jerry Miller of the Royal We
The stylish rogue that is Patrick D'Allochio from Johnny Lunchpail
Filmed & edited by the powerhouse that is Ms. Anya Garrett, proprietress of

Cheap booze & dance party to follow! And maybe. just maybe, even a kissing booth.

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April said...

ooh ooh!!! i wanna come. (mind out of gutter thank you kindly) and i will bring the man if i can. all in his nerdy glory.