Saturday, May 27, 2006

"They needed thier 'Hey Yas' and their what-have-yous." - Porter Mason

Steve grinds coffee beans at Trader Joe's while I mug; Grandma Jeanne's 81st Birthday; my gorgeous cousin Lacey & I share cake at our commitment ceremony; this is after I started a chant of "BARBER!" and got him to do his second keg stand; my Mom had to drive all the drunk cousins home from the fancy yacht party; Go Navy- the stadium at 7:45ish am; Lacey & I are poncho-riffic; the annual covers toss means they're graduates; world's most handsome little brother of ever, Ensign Steven D. Barber; Mom, Steve, Daddy & I (and Bud Light cans); cousin Brian has had it; Daddy and Steve survery the common people from the sky box party suite; Uncle Greg assists one in need (drunk Dad); cousin round up with me & Steve, handsome Air Force gentleman Mark & Lacey; family Navy t-shirt portrait time (no, my fly isn't open).

I've been away this weekend in Maryland, celebrating my little brother's graduation from the Naval Academy & his formal commsioining as an officer. Steve was in the first class to enroll at the Academy after 9/11. He graduated with distinction out of a class of some of the smartest students in the United States. He's going to have his Master's at 22 in Aerospace Engineering. He's brilliant and brave and wonderful. I don't know what else to say except, I love him so much. He's one of the most kind, humble and courageous people I know and I can't believe we're related- I mean, I'm clearly a total asshole.

Here's the the Barbers, the Kalbs and the Donohues- as my Dad Terry would say, the Fightin' BDKs. I love my family so much, and for us all to be together again for the first time in so many years was marvelous. Everyone's funny and crazy and smart. I am so proud of them all. And especially of the world's most bestest little brother of ever. I love you Steven, and you make me proud and inspire me every single godamnned day.

And Dick Cheney can suck it.


saraisloco said...

My god how handsome that little brother of yours is. Next time he's in town I may have to play "Love Lift Us Up (Where We Belong)" and ask that he carry me out of my office amongst handbags and bitchy looks. LOVE that kid. AND LOVE YOU SIRE!!!

Brandy For Sale. said...

We kept drunkenly screaming off the balcony at the stadium party: "I got no place else to go!!!"

And there were many rousing singalongs to "Love Lift Us Up".

I love you too! And so does Rudy the First!

anne altman said...

your brother's hot.

people still have grandparents?


April said...

you do know that your brother is hot? one day barber, one day!