Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Elle est tellement admirablement triste.

All images snapped by the fantastically talented Ms. Anya Garrett. You should contact her if you're seeking a photographer. Anya is also a skilled film-type lady and a self-taught web programmer, in addition to being a comedy fan and all around bad-ass. Check her shit out and show the respect. She collaborates, she creates, she supports, and she 's a funny lady onstage as well. Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like her?


Anya keeps a watchful eye on the NYC comedy world-and beyond- here.

Anya's Adventures are detailed here.

Anya's tasteful, aesthetically pleasing portrait photography can be found here.

These are some of the photos that will be used for the oft-promied, never delivered Brandy & Sara website- and also, you may see them out to use for our new monthly show, The Kissing Booth, which will be on the fine evening of June 9th, 2006 at the Tank. Keep your eyes here at all times for updates, but there will be a great bunch of performers, host hi-jinx from Brandy & Sara, and a karaoke duet with an authentic video chock-a-block with cameos from members of Party Central USA, Johnny Lunchpail, The Royal We, and the hardest working comic in NYC, the beloved John F. O'Donnell. And directly following- a huge ass debut show kick off dance party galore. Not to be missed!

Special bonus question: How many tall cans of Coors Lite did Brandy & Sara consume the night prior to the photo shoot in the bathroom of Tai Lounge? Multiply this by the amount of bags under both ladies' eyes (which Anya, who also did our makeup, managed to spirit away) then divide by number of hickeys deflected during public slobber makeout and you'll have your pin code. I am SERIOUS you guys it WORKS!!!!


April said...

you guys look awesome.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Thanks kind lady. I miss you.

Remember when you told me that you didn't think things were going to work out between me & that boy*? You were right. I should have listened to you.

*take your pick these days

anne altman said...

blue works for both of you!