Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm Really Savoring Teaching Your Drunk Ass A Life Lesson.

Why not come and see Brandy & Sara screech like the howler monkeys they are at this night of fancy comedy? Carol & Francesco are the so so def proprietors of, which if you didn't know about, now you know. Plus they have nice friends that help out like Sean Crespo & Marianne, who has very pretty hair. Come on down! It's fun and it's free and it's all you ever wanted in a lover. EWWW! WHO USES THAT WORD?! Barf.

Did I mention the free part? Oh. Good.

Seriously, we're honored to be asked to be on the bill so please come out and show the love, and make sure to link to their fab web site, too.


anne altman said...

hey beeyatch i'd be there but i gotta see the sox kick some yank ass at yankee stadium. it's in the blood.

AnnieKNodes said...

My Uncle Manny once introduced my boyfriend to someone by saying, "...and this is Anne's LOVER, Martin." Creepy on so many levels. Cute on none.