Monday, May 01, 2006

I am losing my mind, ever so gradually.

I just called the president of the company the wrong name. Someone likes unemployment a whole lot.

When I am not ruining my chaces at a semi-adult career, I am up to things of various sorts. Here is a short list of them.

I like to take pictures of my friends onstage and off being scampish. One of these instances was of the sexy scribe Rachael Kramer Bussel, fellow BUST-ie and Village Voice hottentot. She was nice enough to use a snap I took of her AND to give me photo credit on the column on the site, and kudos to her for that. It's nice when people give you recognition for helping them out. Check out her scandalous blow job column-and the picture what I took- here.

Speaking of giving recognition, the fantastic folks that created the delightful documentary The World's Best Prom were out in full force at last Thursday's SWEET. They were nice enough to link to my site and some of the pictures I took there (as well as those of the fantastic Anne Altman & comedy partner Sara Allocco). Check it out! Get this DVD, tell friends about it. They are a nice bunch, they deserve your support- you can even be MySpace pals with them! Look here to see the snippet about us at SWEET (and again, a nice photo credit).

Speaking of pictures, since I have been, you can always check out my flickr photos. There's a direct link in the lefthand corner of this blog, so if you saw me with my camera out (that sounds vaguely wang-like) at one of your shows, check there and I'll put the photos up. Or you could click here. Please leave comments, too- I think my photos get lonely sometimes.

Coming this fall: The cult hit show that is MORTIFIED! has a book coming out. It should be really awkward and wonderful. I was lucky enough to be included, along with other fantastic cast members from all the shows. I'm really excited about the upcoming Chicago show premiere- it's going to be so much fun!

And lastly, I get drunk with alarming frequency. The end.

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