Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My baby does the hanky panky.

That title is so gross. Whenever we discuss Jon Benet, which is alot, Sara always sings it and prances around a la pageant.

Speaking of Sara- AND WHEN AM I NOT??!!?? (ewww, beat it)- She was fantastic last night at her first ever stand up gig at the always fun-tastic Chicks & Giggles. And I'm not just saying that because we're comedy partners, she's really grand. Dynamite comes in small packages. Also, redheaded drunkards type a lot of trite cliches. What? Kudos to good friend Matt Sears for taking some Carly Simon-fueled abuse.

Carolyn, our vivacious host, was in fine form as always. I also got to see the hilarious Mindy Raf, with whom I had a very meaningful Fulton Street Mall black lady wig store conversation with. She was wearing a spiky little number for a funny sort of Ani Di Franco chracter she was doing, and I loved it. When she told me where it was from, it hit me- it was an exact replica of Kelly Rowland's hair! Kelly has always been my fave Destiny's Child member. That Beyonce is a wily one- she knows Kelly's got the goods and she tried to shove her under a bushel. "Dilemma" is hands down one of my favorite songs. I think when I go to get my nameplate earrings (oh, that's not going away mind you) I am going to pay that wig store a visit. Thanks for the tip, Ms. Mindy.

All in all a fun show- and I was on a comedy tour, because beforehand I went to see the slyph-like Margot Leitman's new comedy endeavor at the UCB, called Slow Night. Hands down, Margot is not afraid to do wacky shit and we love her for it. She's a peach. Go check her out.

All in all a lovely night of funny stuff. Then Giulia and I walked to the train where we saw the saddests sight; a pair of discarded Winnie The Pooh slippers, turned as if they had been made to bite the curb. Sheesh. Later in Brooklyn we strolled the the bodega in pajamas. I threatened to wear Paul Frank sleep boxer shorts and leopard-print peep toes heels. Giulia was unfazed by my display and so, I put on my fake Uggs instead and off we went in search of Cool Ranch Doritos & soprasetta.

And to all, a good night.


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Brandy For Sale. said...

Mine cost 16 bucks. Well worth it.

saraisloco said...

Baby June loves Momma Rose.

matt said...

Girls always grind on me when I'm wearing my lucky shirt.