Monday, May 08, 2006

More Cinco.

Ang- is that you?! I suggest all chumps look out.

I seem to think I'm auditioning for Solid Gold. In my head, I am. Livia tolerates me because she is polite. Sara, Anya & Marianne are astounded by my mad fire dance skillz, son. OK. That was sad.

How cute is Nathan? SO CUTE. West Coast Represent!

All pics from the flickr page of the lovely Ms. Heather Fink. Dig it.


Giulia said...

Okay I get it, I missed a good party. How dare you!?

Brandy For Sale. said...

Beat it, you!

(Just kidding I totally love you.)

I need a full report on Peter. Did he scratch you today?

matt said...

What's Allocco doing to her bazooms in that top photo?

saraisloco said...

Sears that wasn't me! I'm the fat blonde drunk in the other picture chugging her Coors light that she and brandy brought in from a deli. So clearly the one with the class.

2na said...

i wish there was a pic of sara with the strawberry on her head