Saturday, August 05, 2006

Great Moments In My Friend's Blog.

In publicity for our upcoming Shark Show performance, a link to Sara's blog from early November 2005 was sent out. I clicked on it, and it was a lovely jaunt down memory lane- but then I looked at this link that discussed our infamous six host 2005 Halloween party.

Recently, I went on the record by saying this particular night was doomed, that I wish it had never happened- long story involving me meeting someone who turned out to be not who I thought they were. I even went so far as to put my foot down about having another party this year- I was dead set against it. But when I look at these pictures and see all the people that were there, all the really wonderful fun we had, I realize that having one person turn out to be a bad friend is not that big a deal. Being betrayed by someone you cared for isn't the end of the world. Not mine, anyway. And it makes me mad at myself for spending so much time lamenting over being treated poorly by one person who acted in a selfish manner towards me when all along, I had so many really great people supporting me and assuring me that it would be better, that I'd realize this was for the best, that I could do better for myself. You were right. I was wrong. Thanks, guys.

Anyway...there was a time I couldn't bear to even look at these photos without crying or getting angry. And now, even though they still made me a bit sad, I'm able to look past that. What was all in all a fairly small, uneventful albeint painful period where I exercised questionable taste, then whined about it ad nauseum is more and more of a memory, and now all I see is Sara, and Ang, and Giulia and all sorts of other lovely friends who I know will always be there for me, who I trust implicitly and who I am well aware I'm really fucking lucky to have.

R.I.P. Tai Lounge. You served us well.


2na said...

I like to call people that are not nice this word:
Varmint One that is considered undesirable, obnoxious, or troublesome.

Those pics are so much fun. Seriously, when are we having something or Brandy when the hell am I seeing you??

Giulia said...

A tear built up in my right eye as I read your post. Sooooo are we going to have a party this year or what? I love you

saraisloco said...

I like how it took everyone close to a year to decided that I didn't really have a costume on, and instead wanted to look skanky because my boyfriend just broke up with me.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Madame...we all knew it then. We just pretended otherwise. We're just all admitting now, because had we said it that night, we'd have been punched in the groins.