Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I JUST and I mean, JUST, went apeshit and had a "The Office" DVD party yesterday. And then I saw this on Gawker tonight and about shit the bed. I mean, really. Sir David Earl of Brentshire, you make me glad to be alive. When Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant write a single line of dialogue, it's like 10 IMAX features of Jim Belushi's fat sad ass imploding on prime time TV, leaving the vacuous actress playing his hot wife to wipe off bits of trite and brain matter and shame from her makeup-caked face, and all as a laugh track tells you where to whimper along.

NOTE: Microsoft is rabidly attempting to have this removed so, watch them now!

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2na said...

Bran... I do not even know what to say... Sometimes I forget how much I love & hate Brent... then I watch this and all I want to do is go home tongiht and watch my office dvds. Merchant is so cute. I love when he rips the paper up then cuts to them taping it up - they are too brilliant!!! Thanks for posting these!!!