Monday, August 07, 2006

Nathan & Oren's Yacht Party Round Up.

Becky Yamamoto wrote:

Ladies,I know I missed out on the festivities this weekend. How sad. Please let me know of your future party endeavors. I would like to be there.I would like to witness it all.

Love yas!

Sara Jo Allocco [and Brandy] wrote:


Here is what you missed:

- lots of magic pink rum punch drinking
- brandy screaming at someone for not asking her on a date
- sara insulting someone then trying to blame it on someone else
- sara & anya singing a harmonized duet while Barber rolled her eyes
- dancing to Steely Dan
- Brandy refusing to drop the date thing- I mean, really, why didn't he ever even TRY to ask her out?!?
- getting yelled at on the fire escape stairs by a woman in-swear to god- hair curlers, a robe and slippers
- lots of navy stripes, plaid pants and ascots
- OK, let Brandy spell it out for you: D.A.T.E. !!!
- Sara butting into a serious conversation and being snubbed
- pulling an Irish exit, ditching Lang by accident
- mysterious trip home no one can recall but somehow Brandy lost $20 along the way
- the two of us, side by side, on our hands and knees, puking up pink punch in the bathtub
- puke on my bedroom rug
- puke in a $900 python handbag

If that sounds like an evening of fun then please do join us next time. I miss you!!!


Sara Jo (& Brandy)


2na said...

gross -- sara good thing patty smith was not there begging for a 13 hour bath aftre you guys puked in it

Lianne Stokes said...

Stokes the bear say's only you two can throw-up in tubs. PLEASE CALL ME OR E ME ASAP as to which one of you owns a 900 $ Python bag.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Sara: Spaulding, NO!
Oren: (to himself) Jesus, I heard her the 17th time.