Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Kissing Booth- This Saturday, Aug. 19th @ 9:30 PM!

Honestly. If you haven't been yet to see our monthly show THE KISSING BOOTH- and WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE- Sara and I will fix you. What does that mean? Oh, you'll see. Just ask that little retarded child who was locked in an elevator closet recently. Oh, you didn't see that on the news? Huh. There was a lot of hub bub about it, but the culprit seems to be at large still. Peculiar.

Well...not for nothing. But, maybe a certain someone should have waited his TURN in the line at Baskin-Robbins when we were TRYING to buy Sara her Dora The Explorer cake (that's why they give out those numbered tickets, I mean, duh). But SOMEONE, someone who was wearing an XXL American Flag T-Shirt tucked into his red sweatpants up to his nipples and velcro shoes, HAD TO go first for his scoop of Daquiri Ice on a sugar cone.

No one cuts in front of Brandy & Sara in line for ice cream. And I mean...NO ONE.

If you've got other plans on Saturday, watch your back.

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anne altman said...

for reals, these bitches are FIERCE. i was scared that maybe one of them would scratch my eyes out fierce. and then i was like, hey i have ice cream and then they were like, oh, ok, sorry about threatening you with an eye scratching.

the only reason i'm missing it is because i'm having my bush lasered off. 9K.