Friday, August 11, 2006

"MY REEL!!!!" (now with ALL photos- FU, Blogger!)

My ex boyfriend Ben loves to mock me and this is what he says in a melodramatic voice whenever I make the mistake of mentioning a show I am slated to perform in when we converse. He thinks people that get up onstage are needy jackasses that have to have constant attention in order to reaffirm themselves. And to that I say, "Yep. What of it?"

Anyway, I am now going to talk about some shows I did this week, because I think the people that make them happen deserve some praise and all of the people I performed with were funny. Also I want you to noctice how very in demand* me & my comedy partner are, AKA, "MY REEL!!!!!!!!"

Sara and I had the pleasure of performing at The Shark Show this past Saturday. It was a hoot, all of the hosts are grand- Gabe, Nick and Dan were there that night- and they made everyone feel at home. It was a fun crowd and they seemed horrified and delighted by the antics of Betsey, one of our fave characters who may, or may not, have her own series very soon on the Family Channel. Also on the bill, Sean O' Connor and Baron Vaughn- both very funny guys. There are no pictures because I got too distracted with memorizing lines and then, I got too drunk at Mo's. And then we went to a Yacht Party, and then I barfed...but that, you knew.

The next day, painfully hungover, Sara and I attended the MAX! in Central Park Shin-dig. It was a gorgeous day and we got lost at least three times total in Central Park, but we made it there during the last hour. Clutching Gatorade bottles and gigangtic gourmet sandwiches, we sat on a park bench like two feasting lemurs and watched Matt McCarthy, Jenny Rubin and the remaining few comics works their magic. It was a surreal show- the crowd was quiet but not unresponsive, if that makes sense. They all sat really far from the stage because that's where the shade was, so it looked like no one was there in all the pictures, which is hilarious. I think Jon Friedman pointed out that it was kind of like talking to yourself. When Sara and I got up to do our set, I tried not to swear per Central Park's request that we not go "blue" and managed to only say "fucking" once. Good work! We also saw all sorts of other lovely comedy types wandering around, like Carolyn Castiglia, Michelle Buteau, Baron Vaughn (again), and Gabe McKinley. It was like a Romper Room episode but with hangovers. All in all, a fun time. Even Rob Cantrell agrees- thumbs up for fart machines and tension! And thumbs up to Matt & Jenny for making the show happen! I really wish we had gotten there earlier to see more of the performers.

Then Sara and I strolled through the park with Lang, Jon and Adira. We saw the Central Park Dance Skaters which looked awesome, and, after getting seperated, the two of us then espied the Carousel. We ran to it without hesitation, and mounted up. It was so fun- much faster then we thought and in our hungoverness, we were highly disoriented. Then we bought ice creams. I will put the pictures up later because Blogger is being a pain in my ass (see above post because it wouldn't let me downlaod and I'm in no mood to fight with it).

Tuesday we took the stage at Rififi to perform at the Drink At Work show, and it was a blast. All the comics were great- Jay Bois, Matt Little, Mike Burns, Sven Weshler and host Craig Baldo- and it's always a treat to see Carol, Ces, Maryanne and Sean. Really fun.

And finally, I give props to last night's show, where I showed the cult classic video that is "Puppy Love" at the charming MCC's all lady revue. Again, a bevvy of fabu ladies took the stage- Sara Schaefer, Lang Fisher, Michelle Buteau, Adira Amram and Stickerbook, who just keep getting more hilarious and kick-ass every time I see them. Last night the 4 of them- Becky Yamamoto, Eliza Skinner, Jen Hamakker and Sue Galloway (minus member Becky Donohue) were so awesome, I was fixated. I wish I learned to play some musical instrument instead of fucking off so much as a kid. They made me want to take piano lessons again and pay attention this time. Check them out! Also, many of them run a collective blog called Hello, Hilarious! and it's grand. Click on that there, too.

I love hi-jinx and all those of you who make them happen and create them so expertly onstage for all to see. Peace.

* ie, people feel sorry for us and book us as a way to earn brownie points with jesus.


2na said...

where are you where are you...
what are you doing later - call me already!!

Brandy For Sale. said...

I love and miss you, Angie. I can't wait to see your engagement ring!

Giulia said...

Is Ang engaged?!?!?!?!?!?!

Brandy For Sale. said...

She is indeed. Our little lady is all growed up!