Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This Means The World To Me.

Someone once told me that I Xanadu couldn't be my favorite movie as it was purely based on nostalgia, and that when I was little it made sense but as an adult it was foolish.
You know what? Get bent. When I found this on You Tube, it made me get so fucking excited, tears came to my eyes. Who said I had to pick Wild Starwberries or Seven Samurai? This brings me joy, I love to look at it, and I will never ever stop wanting to be in it. I will always wish it was me in all those costumes, with those ribbons in my hair, on those roller skates, singing with Jeff Lynne and ELO backing me up.

I love you, Xanadu. Now and forever. And anyone who doesn't get it is off the list. End of story.

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dynamite with a laser beam said...

clearly also confirming what i have suspected for so long that ONJ is really just a holagram much like jem.
got to get me some cornrows like now.