Friday, August 04, 2006

Look Out Weekend 'Cause, Here I Come.

Because weekends were made for fun. Wise words from Debbie Debb, 80's underground bass queen and, clearly a sage.

Come out and see Brandy & Sara up to no good this weekend! You get two chances. Here it go:

Saturday night we'll be performing a sketch at the fabulous Shark Show at Mo Pitkin's! These four guys- Ari, Dan, Nick, and Gabe- are delightful and we couldn't be happier to be in their show.

And then Sunday, we'll drag our hungover asses out to take part in what will surely be known someday as the Woodstock of comedy, MAX! in Central Park. This is going to be a big to do- Check out this amazing line up of NYC funny ha-ha jokey time types scheduled to perform!

Molly Resiner
Nate Kushner
Josh Filipowski
Pete Cestaro
Lang Fisher
Dan Curry
Lianne Stokes
Theron Steiner
Sara Schaefer
Josh Grosvent
Laura Mannino
Jen Dzuira
Jack Kukoda
Rachel Parenta
Allen Warnock
Wes Connelly
Michelle Maclay
Joe Randazzo
Matt Daly
Jen Scanlin
Jackie Monahan
Nick Cobb
Desiree Burch
Jon Friedman
Adira Amram
Jackie Novak
Carolyn Castiglia
Eric Andre
Claudia Cogan
Carla Rhodes
Rob Cantrell
Brandy & Sara
Kevin Murphy
Michelle Buteau
Michelle Collins
Al Del Bene
Jessica Wood
Baron Vaughn

So come spend the weekend with Brandy & Sara. We'll even make you breakfast in bed.

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