Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I am going to fuck Cut Chemist.

Often, people say to me, they say, "Brandy. Will ever there be a man to tame the wilderness that is your savage heart?" And I say unto them, "Get bent". And then I say, "Yes. Yes, there is a man. One man, a man who can use a Disney's Haunted Mansion album like the one I had when I was little to make some of the sickest beats ever to have raps laid over them. One man who is so, so def"

That man...is Cut Chemist. Do yourselves a huge goddamn solid and buy his new album if you haven't already. You can also hear his genius on Jurassic 5's albums (not the most recent one, as he's departed to support his solo effort).

I mean, clearly we are meant for one another. He loves Old School rap. CHECK. He has awesome socks. CHECK. He's tall. CHECK. Has dark hair. CHIGGEDY CHECK. Did I mention he loves Star Wars? Oh, it's been checked, bitch.

Let the stalking commence!


saraisloco said...

Personally I liked "Disco Duck". You know the remix of "Macho Man" naturally.

2na said...

J5 plays in NYC in August. I saw them a few years back when they played get this the auditorium at Steven's in Hoboken, my friend was a volleyball coach and she happened to call me saying yeah some group I don't really know of J5 is playing and it is like 5 bucks... I went crazy and ran there -- best show none of the kids knew who they were and I was right by Chali 2na... and told him I was 2na and showed him me license -- love his voice!! They got paid good loot to do that show there I assume otherwise why do it? Anyways, your boy was there and opened with a half hour solo set.

dynamite with a laser beam said...

me lost me cookie at the disco

Liam said...

Yeah, some people only listen to white rappers. That's cool, I guess.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Cram it, Liam McEneaney. You dolt. He's a DJ, not a rapper. And yes, that was a reference to the second album by none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

Don't you have some bicycle seats to sniff?