Friday, March 31, 2006

Because It's In The Scorpion's Nature.

OK, seriously. I have hives! Stress hives! How can someone who does so little have such powerful stress that she actually breaks out in hives, you ask? How the fuck should I know?! Oh, well.

Ick. Hives!!!

What's odd is, I am as of right now, in the best mood I have been in in days. Nay, maybe in months. And no, I am not drunk. I just turned the corner on some stuff, and realized I'd been a major asshole to myself and some other people in the process. And realizing that, and making steps to not be that way to people who don't deserve it, gives one a sense of peace. It's born out of control. I like being in control of my emotions. I know that all sounds corny, like some dofus girl's syrupy pink-paginated diary entry about karma after she attends her first yoga class. But it's true.

I had an epiphany: I spend a lot of time being angry at many people for being The Scorpion. If you don't know the fable, look at it here. Basically, why be angry at a scorpion for biting people? It's inhernet in its nature. It can't help what it is, and you run the risk of being bitten when handling it, no matter how gently. I need to stop putting people on pedestals, expecting them to be perfect when no one is. I'm not. Yet I get so frustrated when my expectations aren't met. I wonder lately if these are even realistic. I ask a lot from people. This type of pointless rumination may explain the fucking hives. Sheesh.

Ben just called and said he had spied my doeppleganger walking ahead of him in Manhattan. I wonder if he will tell her "Get over yourself!" Hope so.


Poll said...

Hello !!

Nice to meet you.

matt said...

Did you recently switch detergents?

2na said...

Did you just take a shower with herbal essence. Did that key around your neck unlock your emotional well being? -- eeww I don't know what that means but I know you have a key around your neck.

Joey said...

i'ma get a scorpion tattoo.


git r done