Friday, March 24, 2006

They're Gonna Make It After All.

These two plot your defeat on a daily basis. Don't think otherwise. Just know that if you cross them, you will pay. They're smiling because they're delighted about a death threat they'll be phoning in to a certain party this very weekend.

Know that.

Seriously, have you seen this ape?


Mike said...

What's a death treat? Is that like "Death by Chocolate"? Yummers! I love chocolate! It's sooooo good. I just love chocolate. I can't resist!

(Throws chair through window. Pisses out hole in window.)

"Taste my rainbow 33rd! When gotta go you gotta run for the border assholes!"


2na said...

I am still yet to see this fucking ape... sorry for the cursing.

saraisloco said...

He WAS wearing his shiny cape with a ticket in hand for a one way trip to the fat LA.

PS I FUCKING love this photo.

matt said...

you two had better work Laverne & Shirley-esque characters into your new show. or else.... ummm.... aw hell, you don't wanna know what I'll do! (probably softly weep)

HansonOut said...

Hey Sara I may be wearing a shiny cape, but I'm driving there...straight to the fat farm in LA!

ghostfacekilla said...

you look great

you looked even better with the margaritas on you staurday night

monkeys are always funny