Thursday, March 30, 2006

No One Will Ever Love You. Fatass.

When I have a few drinks, turns out I like to write things on my hands. Some of the past things I've scrawled on myself have included such gems as "No no no you're better than that" and, a personal fave from college that seems to be a motif for a lot of the ladies these days, "He's a drunk dipshit".

This morning I woke up and noticed there was a red smear on the side of my face. I had a really bad nosebleed yesterday and my face is all puffy from bawling about some nonsense as per so I groggily thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction of some sort. No. No, that wasn't it. Seems someone came home and wrote on herself yet again, this time in red Sharpie.

Now if only I can get this off before my very important appointment later this fine eve, all will be well. Time to bust out that nail polish remover, that is if I didn't drink it out of shot glasses with Giulia.

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saraisloco said...

I am crying with laughter as I type. Oh barber....