Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Vanel On First.

So sick and woke myself up coughing. I have bronchitis and as such am having constant spasming coughing fits that render me unable to talk. Anyone who knows me personally must understand how upsetting that is.

I am also forced to endure "bed rest". This is akin to torture, even for me who happilt sleeps 10 hours or more at a stretch if allowed. But beds, beyond nighttime, are not for sleeping. They are for holidng that suitcase of clothes you stull have yet to unpack from your trip in January, various books all of which you are currently reading, and your cat Nigel. Just FYI.

I just made myself yet another packet of Top Ramen. This is great because it quells the throat irritation as the monumental sodium content is not unlike your standard hot saltwater gargle recommended for sore throats. Now off to sleep for three hours then re-awaken in a fit of hacking. Delightful.


saraisloco said...

Reminder, the president of my division walked by my desk and was fascinated by the aroma and had never seen nor heard about a pack of noodles that you can get for $.99 at CVS. This man also eats a $2 slice of pizza on $500 china. Go figure.

matt said...

Dr. Sears recommends sherbert.

Giulia said...

You must sleep! I lost my voice last week in LA cause I had the same thing and thought going to Vegas and dancing with Nick Lachey would be okay. Get better for our weekend together!

Brandy For Sale. said...

I brought it on myself, sadly. Only I wasn't dancing with that hot ass Nick Lachey. No instead I pranced my fat ass up onstage at the Slipper Room and commenced to shake it in front of some grossly drunk woman who then went home with the scary guy in a white Genarro sweater who had prior hit on every other woman in the bar. Yuck.