Thursday, March 30, 2006

Otis To The Rescue!

Nothing cures an full-blown allergic reaction brought on by permanent marker abuse better than having a visit with new kittens named Otis. Just look at that little squirrel-baby. He is the bee's knees. Ben certainly agrees. Otis is quite the lap-sitter, and his purr has been known to cure old ladies of their gin coughs. Hell, I heard that he even taught the Chinese neighbor proper English upon immigration all with a single whisker whip.

Ben informs me that I need to get over myself. Ben always says that. If I come to Ben with any sort of personal issue (OK mostly it's boys which he especially hates to discuss) this is his first announcement. Then I say, "But I'm sad, Ben!" To which he stares at me through his Ben Sherman sunglasses, shakes his head and announces, "Yeah, but just get over yourself." Today I guess that was what I needed to hear.

I also forced Ben to hug me. Those of you perhaps not in the know- Ben hates to touch people, or be touched for the most part, with the exception of hand jobs. Public affection makes him squirm. So when I demanded a hug on the corner of Smith & Wyckoff today, he was less than pleased. But, he complied. And he even threw in the consumate, "Everything's going to be alright." And added after some back pats, "But get over yourself". I love you, C3-PO.


2na said...

i just saw ben out my kitchen window... I was singing come to my window of course. Well no actually a building blocks CP-30 and I from peeping Tomming it. Oh Barbara this post made me sunglass emoticon double times and I brought it back one time. Later Schnnaccktress! Miss U Forev like for real you know. TTFN and Chow Mein. Super Yuck to all those things.

saraisloco said...

What's weird is that when I saw you had one comment I knew it was going to be Angela talking about Ben in her window. No really how do I always seem to know these things? I may not know the first thing about wanting to make a boy stay with you forver but I do know my girlfriends well enough to know what they will post on a blog.

2na said...

you got me young sara you are wise for your years, yes.