Wednesday, March 14, 2007


One of the bummers about having epilepsy is the jewelry. Bear with me, please. You see, you're supposed to always have on a medical alert type of bracelet. I wore mine pretty religiously for the first two or three years I was daignosed. Then I realized, it was fucking ugly.

You ask yourself, is Barber SO VAIN that she would take off this life-saving piece of jewelry in order to appear fashionable?! She would compromise her own meidcal care in order to appear "with it", "of the moment", "reeking of moxie"?

What do you think the anwser is, Sherlock?

Seriously, can Tiffany come up with a fucking decent medical alert bracelet so I can trick some sugar-daddy rube into buying me one? Because now that I have to wear it again, I'd at least like it to look not like some sort of parole-mandated punishment. Sheesh.


dynamite with a laser beam said...

you are a twisted sort

The Quiet One said...

i'll try my best to rock the alert bracelet. it's really hard to look cool and stay relevant. isn't that so Madonna?