Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So drunk and so green, green.

Enjoy these snaps from 24 hours of ridiculous drunken shennanigans in Boston this past weekend. There was a parade, house parties, a trip to a local bar named Donohue's, drunken friendship talks over Parliaments, slobbering on one another, dog-piling, expensive scotch ruined on ice in plastic cups, Sara's Polish Nachos, keg stands, hidden Cheetos, grab-assing, disgusting green accessories from the $1 aisle in Target, a pug with an erection, frozen Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and a bottle of Jameson's split neatly between Kl0ke & myself with a dash of soda a la P.G. Wodehouse books-on-tape. From 4 PM to 4 PM, it was a whirlwind of shameless inebriation. Marvelous, really.

I love you clowns.


matt said...

A pug with an erection? Bran, if you'll remember correctly, I opted to stay home.

saraisloco said...

I'm so glad we opted for the safer (albeit pricier) Amtrak on the way up. It totally kept us from calling loved ones at ten pm, breathlessly, telling them we'd been in an accident but all the while wondering WERE THEY OKAY??!!!

Just shake it off Barber.