Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Feels So Good, By Chuck Mangione.

Which has an awesome trumpet solo, BTW. It sounds kind of like this. Except, with a job and not getting pointed at in scorn by Sara Jo.

I went to see Chuck Mangione with my ex BF and dear friend, John, at Carnegie Hall once. Check him out. What a dreamboat, huh?

Clearly when I say "dreamboat" I meant myself, 20 pounds heavier and with some sort of wig on my head, slightly askew and squinty. I digress.

I woke up today in the best mood. Better than I've been in in a month or two. Just full of vim and vigor. It is a fantastic day! I feel great! I am not even annoyed that I have to go to the gynecologist later! I haven't felt the nervous urge to smoke a single cigarette! I feel like going rollerskating at the Roxy, riding the carousel at Central Park, and going on a shopping spree at the Sanrio store in Times Square for all sorts of useless plastic crap drenched in antrohpomorphized (I think I made this word up) penguins and cats and shit.

I love this feeling. The feeling of being satisfied with what I have and with my life, right this minute. Not once way back when, when I was in college at Long Beach State drunkenly dancing in the fountain by the Pyramid, or in the future when I finally have that "dream job" as a staff writer and my Carrol Gardens condo and 1.5 dauchshunds (sp?)...but right now. In the moment.

Awssss. Which is short for awesome, and I feel nothing short of that.

And here is a song that is also awwws, and also sums up living in the moment (although it appears the non-sensical lyrics MAY have been penned by Hiroku, my & Porter's imaginary Japanese exchange student- and also that it's about the BBC, which is fine with this lady). It's Matthew Wilder's Break My Stride.

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