Friday, March 23, 2007

The Kissing Booth- TOMORROW NITE!

The Kissing Booth presents: THE LUCK OF THE IRISH (and...ANYA & MARIANNE'S B-DAY JAM!)

March 24th, 2007
10:30 pm - $5 cover
Doors open at 10 pm

The D-Lounge
101 East 15th Street at Union Square East- BASEMENT LEVEL of the DR2 Theater

$4 Special Beer (TBA- Last Time It Was Miller Lite)!
$4 Well Drinks!
Full Bar For You Fancy Types Who Insist On Acting Classy-like!

Dance Party Begins Right When The Show Ends, SO STICK AROUND!

Brandy & Sara think you're lucky...they haven't kicked your ass fair & square. So come on down and see why not at this month's show. And hey, if you can't make it in time to see the comics, short films and overall fun-out-of-bounds (because you suck), then come and get your drunk on with an after show dance party so wickedly debaucherous it'll result in pants-peeing! BECAUSE THIS AFTER SHOW DANCE PARTY IS BEING THROWN IN HONOR OF two patron saints of Downtown NYC Comedy- ANYA GARRETT ( MARIANNE WAYS (producer, UCB'S Bro'in Out!). After seeing this show, you're sure to win NY Lotto and get laid, because the lucky line up is too good to be true:

Michele Colyn

Benari Poulten

Emily Epstein

Peter Kassanove

Katina Carrao

Craig Baldo

Reggie Watts

PLUS...a very special short film entitled MATT'S PARTY, and featuring: Anne Altman, Michele Colyn, Claudia Cogan, Anne Carr, Giulia Rozzi, Katina Carrao, Michael Cyril Creighton, Nathan Kloke, Carolyn Catsiglia, Matt Sears, John F. O'Donnell, Matt McCarthy, and starring BRANDY & SARA. Created in collaboration with Oren Brimer, Anya Garrett, & Nathan Kloke. DON'T FUCK UP AND MISS IT.

PLUS! Candy, dancing, DJ wizardry from the 3 Times Dope CRAIG BALDO & our head writer MTT SEARS, photos of you looking all hot and shit that will be taken by the sultry NATHAN KLOKE (, and lots of hi-jinx and capers and cutups. AND ANYA & MARIANNE'S B-DAY, TOO!!!


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