Thursday, March 08, 2007

Help Part Three.

From: Giulia Rozzi

To: Brandy Barber

Date: Mar 8, 2007 3:50 PM
First off, i adore you.

You want me to describe your dream life?

You'd probably live in Cobble Hill. You'd own massive amounts of
clothing and accessories from Brooklyn Industries, Urbans,
Anthropology, American Apparel, etc plus have a room full of shoes (
mostly heels and boots of course) You will have bought all these items
with your fantastic paycheck earned writing and sometimes guest
appearing on the Brandy & Sara TV sketch show. You date constantly and
vacation often with both your lovers and girlfriends (me and Sara
mostly) and are able to afford monthly trips to San Diego to see your
family. After you hit your peak in comedy TV writing you decide to
settle down with one of your fabulous man friends who respects you and
adores your beautiful spirit, sense of humor, and passion for life-
unconditionally, fully and truthfully. He has a fantastic sense of
humor, a large bank account and an even larger appetite for the same
sexual, free-lovin' antics as you. He works in the arts but is not a
comic or wanna-be comic. You two either make or adopt a kid and raise
the child (or children) and Nigel while working on your first book of
short stories/comedy essays or your own magazine. Oh, and you own a
theatre and cultivate amazing new talent. You also still manage to get
drunk, party, and still look like you're 30, forever.

I love you.

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