Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't Dream, It's Over.

Here are some snaps from the recent Drink At Work Barely Famous showcase. In them, you can see me & my comedy wife onstage, with the 3rd member of Brandy & Sara dynamic- our remote controled fart machine. And then there's me and my second true love that I'm cheating on both comedy (#1 true love) and Brooklyn (long term, on-and-off again true love) with- Parliaments. And lastly, me vamping it up for a tall gentleman caller (and being told by Rozzi to lay off it, already because my dance card is clearly full).

Thanks again to Carol Hartsell, Sean Crespo, and Kambri Crews @ COMIX for making this all happen.

And xxxtra special "thunks" to the imposter drummer from Dream Theater, who scared the fuck out of every male comedian there with his way too familar antics. Any dude who walks into the bar and suddenly has 10 new best friends, is clearly a me on this. Speaking of drunken, obnoxious sociopaths, sorry if you missed the crazed turn the night took, ending with all of us in the West Village at 4 am, slobbering drunk at Kettle of Fish and taking turns posing with a life-sized stuffed Labrador. Eeek.

PHOTOS by Mindy Tucker.


matt said...

That drummer was no imposter. He's the real guy.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Searsy, you gotta talk to Oren about this one. He told me about the imposter dude.

This could be a case for Brooklyn's Own Nancy Drew...that's right it's ME, BRANDY BARBER! With the successful solve of my most recent case tucked into my cashmere twin set, surely I can't lose!

saraisloco said...

Oh I miss Professor Barks, and his doppelganger Inspector Barks.

And I miss he opportunity I had for taking that heavy trophy that was on the bar

Also I miss when I the Manhattan Nancy Drew, could afford things like cereal. And I digress.

matt said...

This case needs cracking!

anne altman said...