Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'll never get why you'd go to someone's video just to leave a disparaging comment. I mean, if it's wholeheartedly offensive,then by all means. But if you just don't like it? GOOD. FINE. NO WORRIES. Then how's about you save the 2 minutes of your useless life for pursuits other than writing a semi-literate, shitty comment. Why not scrapbook about the local flower show or some lame shit?

Excuse my tirade, but click on the image above to see where it generates from. This mongoloid had the nerve to leave a MISSPELLED comment on one of our videos. When you click on her profile, she has a large collection of one particular soap opera hunk's clips. That's right. A dipshit who has laughable sexual fantasises about a second rate actor who's most likely gay had the AUDACITY to hate on a video I, and my friends, worked really hard on. What has she done lately? I do not know that, but I suspect it had something to do with chowing down Bon Bons and leaving fevered messages on a thread for a second rate basic cable reality show about how she wants to marry one of the dreamy hosts- I bet siad host has highlights and wears lipgloss.



Anonymous said...

WHAT? I personally lurved "Puppy Love" ! Anyone that didn't like it, obviously doesn't "get" it. Or get any. Get it?

saraisloco said...

I like when we play good cop/bad cop. I played good cop this time sending her a t-shirt with a kitten in a basket airbrushed on it and some Cathy cartoons.

Lianne Stokes said...

Wait. I have highlights* and wear lipgloss*!

Oscar Bond.
* Origins.