Monday, April 30, 2007

The Unclub.

Obviously, Friday's The Unclub was so much fun and if you missed it, you're dumb. There were so many funny performers (such as Wendy Ho, who as usual was a riot) and films and-best part- lots and lots of BOOZE at the open bar. Everyone scolded me for drinking all that PBR, but I know better than to go apeshit on a liquor open bar. It ends when you puke in the sink at the country club in front of the groom's mom at your best friend from childhood's wedding. Take it from Barber. She knows.

I also only had 3 empanadas for supper, so that was bad. I was so out of commission that I abstained/stayed in the rest of the weekend. Unheard of, but true. That's how great of a party it was. Plus I got to see everyone's favorite Canadian, Aubrey Tennant, and that was simply grand. Who, at roughly this same time last year, I was insanely drunk with yet another crazed party. All in all, the best summer kick off you could hope for. Thanks to Becky, Michelle, & Sergio (the hosts & producers), Carol for the film programming, and to one John F. O'Donnell, who, though I may scold quite a bit, do so love and who always comes thru for me. Thunks, P-Dubs.


saraisloco said...

I'll say! I'll start my paper route right now!

dynamite with a laser beam said...

and I'll say! perhaps it's better I was too beguiled by my burrito and robot chicken dvd. all that drinking in mid-town sounds like trouble. with a capital B and that rhymes with P and that stands for too much PBR for me.