Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Got Nothing To Give You, You See, Except Everything.

Just heard this song and it made my day. Looking forward to meeting someone worthy of feeling like this about again sometime. No rush. Just looking forward to when it happens. I mean...It's going to happen, right? (looks around cubicle in desperation, pats Beanie Baby Panda absentmindedly and stares with glazed eyes at KUDDLY KITTENS 2007 desk calendar, featuring a calico in a pink basket)

Now you get to have YOUR day made, too. Enjoy the "fanvideo" composed of content that I am throughly baffled by. Who the fuck are these people? Someone please explain this all to Grandma.

Oh, and also- It's Rilo Kiley's I Never.


nathaniel said...

That is Kate (kloke = has boner) and Sawyer from Lost, the hit tv show and jigsaw puzzle that I got on sale at Barnes & Noble.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Thank you, Nathan. Now hand Grandma her "white medicine" (cheap rot got rum in a plastic bottle).