Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm In Love With You. Haven't You Noticed?

I am beyond excited about all the things going on in comedy, always. All this jibber-jabber about "sketch comedy renaissance" aside, I am really energized over what's going on even if there's one absurd, brave comedy show or 10. There's always something funny that makes you glad to be alive, and to wash the fetid taste of formulaic bullshit out of your mouth.

Such is the way with MTV's Human Giant. I can go on and on about how it's so fucking fun to watch, so full of cool smart well written tightly edited magic. I could ramble about how I know some of the folks involved from way back when, and bore you about how they are nice, hardworking guys who deserve the fuck out of all this. But I'd rather you find out for yourself. And then tell 10 close friends to watch it and spread the word.

And here's a note to all the haters- I know you're jealous right now. But take that envy and do something positive with it, instead of slagging off something smart and sharp and brave just because you aren't getting the chance to do something like it yet. Take a lesson from this and get off the comedy blogs and GO DO SOMETHING. That means not reading about what everyone else is doing and then whining about it, but instead starting a show, writing a script, taking a film something besides rip shit down all the time.

Don't let stupid shit ruin TV anymore. If you really love comedy, seek out what you love and make it stick around so that other people can love it, too. Part of the comedy world is built on supporting one another- so let's do that. Start with this show and who knows what awesome shit can happen?


Little Miss Pep Club.

But seriously this show is great.

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Giulia said...

I fucking LOVE this show! Makes me cackle out loud and I am so happy shit like this is back on TV!