Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Too druk

I just saw rhe best concert of ever and I am d-=so drunk buyt aI had to type abour it because it was dgood

you should go but ALL the founatyins of waybne albu s theyt are the best band and anyone who doe snot leike them can KISS MY MUTHAFUCKNG ASS

also porter and matt i love you two drun kfucks anfd thanks for the mideel finger fingering technique talks abd also the boy advce and all that

and for tthe beers'

and for the lays chips

also porter you are queer for noty eating the gummy bnears i found in the b otto,m of my tote bag SO THERE

and nigel also wishes thewy plated amity gardens


Porter Mason said...

This is a horrifying (but truthful) post.

Matt said...

Bran, those really were non-alcoholic beers that I gave you. How'd you get so "druk"?

Brandy said...

Searsy first you said, "A Miller for Porter, and a DeWar's for you." And I was like, wow, he's spoiling me! Then you asked, "Hey what's that non-alcohol beer called again?" And I said O'Doul's. And you said, "Yeah, that, for you." And then I started yelling about the Dude in the Balcony With a Rice Paper Fan for like, an hour.

Someone send me to rehab.