Monday, April 23, 2007

The Take Brandy To XANADU Foundation. As some of you may know, I am obsessed with Jeff Lynne, Electric Light Orchestra, Olivia Newton-John and, of course, the film XANADU.

So I have been near tears with excitement about the recent production of XANADU ON BROADWAY. Tickets went on sale this Saturday, and it is my sincere hope that I get to attend the show at least once, if not many more times. I have the costumes picked out that I shall wear (complete with white roller skates). Now all I need is the date. Seriously, ask anyone, I am a delightful, entertaining, (easy) date- especially when plied with a pre-show Maker's rocks.

Let's make it happen, people!


Daniel said...

Hey! I'd love to go see it with you! Just as long as it's before I leave town.

The D.O.C. said...

Girl imma take ya there.

dynamite with a laser beam said...

if somebody takes me too, i will wear the rollerskates the headdress and nothing else... but tears of joy

Mister Right said...

I will take you but only if you fost my ass and call me Daddy


You know who