Monday, April 30, 2007


I have awful insomnia again. I can't sleep more than 2 hours at a tick, and then I wake up and lay there thinking about sleeping. It's awful. During the day I feel groggy and cranky. This all sucks. Hate this. I beat this about a year ago and now it has returned to rear its ugly head.

I read the latest Optic Nerve. It made me so sad. Why do people lie to one another and cheat on each other? I'll never understand, ever. I may talk a good game, but honestly, I never cheated on someone first. I always, in the end, more than made up for their dalliances with my shennaingans, but really, can you blame me? And at this point, I'll never trust or believe anyone the way I did before I was treated this way by a slew of choice individuals. Cheating as a form of retaliation is one thing, cheating just out of the blue because you can? I don't understand. I almost started crying about this, just now. Why would you do that to someone you cared for?

So pathetic, really. There's so much to be kind to one another about in the world. Why choose to be shitty?

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