Monday, April 30, 2007

Optic Nerve.

Due to my rampaging insomina, I just read the new Optic Nerve. It made me so sad. Why do people cheat on the people they say they love instead of just telling the truth? I will never, ever understand.

I'm heartbroken. I love Adrian Tomine for making me have such miserable flashbacks. Especially [SPOILER] the panel where they guy is being called out by his girlfriend for being caught with another girl. Basically, he vehemently denies it until faced with proof, and in turn, tries to shout her down. They all do that, that "shout you down" tactic, when they're cornered. It's times like that that I thank god I grew up with a military Dad, where that kind of shouting was the way I was typically sent off to school each morning. I'm immune to it. But it's fun to watch.

Especially when they cry.

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