Monday, April 02, 2007

"That fat ass ninja turtle ass ain't takin' my woman."

Another super duper night at my apartment, the BROOKLYN FRIENDSHIPS (TM) compound. ANOTHER, you ask? But JUST last night there was a lovely slumber party featuring super blogger Matt Sears! I know, right?!?!

Tonight it is GIRLS ONLY (plus Porter) super pals hang, where we wear matching grey leggings and Ugg boots, eat See's Easter candy sent from my parents in San Diego, and Sara tries to make me watch The Hills finale which I hiss and spit at. Also we devour a bag of Doritos Wild White Nachos and send texts to various pals such as Oren. But right now, there is a break in the action. For you see, Sara is on the phone long distance to her BF, and I am on the couch watching Flavor Of Love. Just this minute, New York's fake fur eyelash almost got blown off on a drunken Mexican boat ride. There were oiled, prominently displayed breasts and fist fights and cusses. It is too good to be true.

Oh, and then I saw this:


Sara said...

we even know how that ended?? I mean I know there was kicking and screaming and fake boobs, but who did NY end up choosing again?

And yeah I'm tlaking about the otters.

Brandy For Sale. said...

The Ninja Turtle, it wouls seem, DID end up taking "his" (the other fella's) woman.

I think you were still on the phone, talking about your gym.

dynamite with a laser beam said...

i cannot belive she moved in with that scoundrel spenc. and heidi needs to let some root grow out on that bleachy mop. who did NY choose???

nathaniel said...

ZoMG! Those fucking otters are holding hands@!@312

What is next slack jawed midwestern tourists at the zoo, what more could your life possibly offer after that shit! Blow your brains all over the stuff that you just got from Costco!