Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here Is Where I Ramble About Hot Fuzz, Part 1.

Can't wait to see it again. Loved it. Loved all the cameos.

But then I saw this on Anglophenia, one of my fave media blogs that's run off the BBC America site. What is Anglophenia, you ask? Basically, it's a nice summation of all sorts of cool Brit pop culture, written by an American who, like me, likes to fancy themselves a conissuer of all things UK. Very funny, very engaging, and always full of gossip for me to nerd out over. sad to hear this. I loathe Kristen Dunst, as I have documented here prior (I believe I gently accused her of having "yellowed bulima fangs"). She is not talented in the least and she does not fool me into thinking she has acting skills. There are but three exceptions where I find her to be mildly tolerable:

1. The remake of Little Women, only because I love the book so much and, the movie remake is practically dripping with kittens
2. The Virgin Suicides, in which her performance is only to be attributed to the artistry of Sofia Coppola and that ONLY. She is but a vessel.
3. Interview With The Vampire, because she is so creepily pretty and adult. Again, casting director & film's director get the kudos on that one.

Sigh. I don't like her sullying the fine silken waters of a Simon Pegg feature with her muddy piggy shiny face. Yick. Oh, well.

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